What do Chaplains Do? 

  • Counsel Emergency Service personnel

  • Counsel the families of Emergency Service personnel or other office/department members

  • Counsel office/department staff members

  • Visit sick or injured Emergency Service personnel or their families in homes or hospitals

  • Assist with death notifications

  • Provide assistance to victims

  • Teach Emergency Service personnel in areas such as Stress Management, Ethics and Family Life

  • Assist at suicide incidents

  • Assist at scenes or aftermath of critical or traumatic incidents

  • Provide follow-up care as requested

  • Serve as liaison with other clergy in the community

  • Assist in any other way requested by the agency


Would you like to speak to a Chaplain?


Chaplain Joe Matthews ~ 608-487-0186 or 715-819-6785



Chaplain Will Krebs ~ 715-316-2186

Joseph Matthews

Emergency Chaplain

Cell: (608) 487-0186

Dispatch: (800) 743-2420

William Krebs

Emergency Chaplain

Cell: (715) 316-2186

Dispatch: (800) 743-2420